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The Final Report for the Sunset Avenue Corridor Study is here!

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Sunset Avenue Corridor Study

Planning for a more walkable, bikeable future for this Rocky Mount corridor.

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The City of Rocky Mount is working with consultants to propose improvements to Sunset Avenue in Nash County. This Corridor Study will identify the needs of the corridor and present different possible solutions to address concerns in the operation and function of Sunset Avenue noted by the City Staff and residents of Rocky Mount. 

To make this project successful and ensure it addresses the concerns of the community, all residents of Rocky Mount, particularly those living near or traveling regularly on Sunset Avenue, are invited to participate and follow along with the planning process.

Please take the visual preference survey below to tell us what kind of improvements you would like to see this part of of Rocky Mount. Subscribe to the website to receive updates on the project by clicking the link below or scrolling to the bottom of the home page.


Guiding Principles

What are the principles that should guide the development of this corridor study? As this process continues, consider these questions as you get involved with this project.


Why is this project important to you?


How do you want to move around this corridor?


Who should this project benefit?

Get Involved

Take the Survey, View the Map, and Participate in Planning Events for Sunset Avenue.



If you have any questions or comments about the Sunset Avenue Corridor Study, please leave us a message using the comment box or by reaching out to the Project Manager, Bob League. 

Bob League

Transportation Planner, Rocky Mount

PO Box 1180, Rocky Mount, NC 27802



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